We are a consultancy and training company that undertakes, designing in-house programs to meet the specific needs of our clients and also conduct public programs. All training programs will be tailored made according to your needs. We are here to serve you.

The battle to build and maintain a competitive workforce is a never ending challenge. As market changes, technology changes, as personnel changes over, building a competent and committed team takes time, patience, expertise and resources. The challenge all organizations face is to build an excellent workforce through competent, inspiring, motivational and highly experienced professionals in a cost effective manner. S. S. Excel is a company which consistently meets those challenges.

We see our business success directly tied to the success of our customers. Success can only come about with a good understanding of linking business strategies and goals with the skills necessary to carry them out. Since we were established in 2001, S. S. Excel has helped hundreds of business to do that. When given the opportunity we have shown how the power of a properly executed development programme can bring dramatic results for a business. And it does not matter what the level of staff is, as everyone can contribute something to the bottom line.
Having tried so hard to create success for our customers, we have built a positive relationship with many businesses who continue to use us again and again, year after year. With the investment that is required to keep competitive in any market, companies need to ensure that they get the right value for their investment.

To ensure that companies get the return they are looking for, we have built a solid, dependable team of consultants who bring a vast amount of experience and a proven track record of success. All our consultants have had to carry the “briefcase of the world”, they have been there because most of them have been working for over 15 years each. They also specialize in their own particular area of management development. As a result they are able to relate well with the participants because they have many perspectives to draw upon.
To ensure that the programme are rewarding, you will find them to be highly participative with participants having the opportunity in a safe environment to try new things to discuss their concerns and build the confidence they need to ensure they use what they have learned. S. S. Excel believes it has something to give to any company which wants to succeed even more in the future. Give us a call and let us know what you want and will endeavour to help you to become more successful.

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